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October 2016

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  • Search after any text in the FIDE rating file (Download)!
  • Inactive players are red-colored sort by ELO / sort by alphabet)
  • Option "rank" shows the rank of a player (including inactive players)
  • 'All Federations' must by highlighted to search through all federations!
  • Case insensitive ignores upper-case letters !
  • Replace unknown letters and BLANKs with a DOT '.' !
  • Textfieldinput "GER"+`case sensitive` will give you all the GERman
    players, but not the players that have "ger" in their names !
  • A search after "|2529|" will show you all players with an ELO of 2529.
    (use a PIPE "|" in front and behind the number!)
  • A search after "|27..|" gets you all players with Elo 2700 to 2799.
    (don' t forget a PIPE "|" in front and behind the number!) for more details and full list

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